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Grilled pork belly marinated in Oming's signature sauce.

The Philippines is known for it's popular street food, the Pork or Chicken Barbeque ("Sinugba").  This savory, finger-licking good delight is on top of everyone's list because it just tastes divine.

We Cater !!!


LAMI KAAYO ! ("yummy")

Philippines = The-Best-Street-Food 

"In the city where I grew up (Dumaguete), the street markets bustle with energy, and savory aromas from 'SINUGBA'.  It simply reminds me of one thing...of home.  'SINUGBA'  means 'char-grilled ... home-style and street-style BBQ grilling.  Everything I know in the kitchen I learned from home and heart.  Today, I do what I do  with a single purpose, and that is to bring the flavors of my home and heart to the Las Vegas community bite at a time."

                                                          - Oming